A Big Bear Sulley’s Maiden Voyage

Beautiful summer days were hand crafted and formed for adventure. The thrill of adventure the open eyes of exploration, bring to our senses that youthful newness. By nature, in nature, adventures prescription is often fresh air. What a better place to breath in the day than 6,752′ feet high above the California desert air. Living in palm Springs the dog days of summer can drag even the most temperament of souls to the boiling point. Inspired by the fresh face of a fresh 3-month-old Rottweiler puppy named Sulley…This baby bear needed to get out and see the world! So what better place to say good by to July than Big Bear. So “bear” and I packed up the monster Sulley and his incorporate and hit the road. I had an old Canon Rebel XSi with a kit lens sitting around so I figured why not snap a few impromptu shots. From the morning chow to the roadside potty breaks the turn of the road and the beautiful thin air sun made for a beautiful shine to the images.

Can Sulley swim?! “I do not know” For the record Sulley is not my dog. We were puppy sitting for Jennys parents. “well I guess we will find out”

We went to Fawnskin to rent some paddle boards and hit the lake. Just as we hit the trail down to the pieced together handmade bowling lane of a longshore dock a huge church group party pulled up van by van. Make haste. Our attempt to get out in front of the crowd wobbling down the shaky narrow dock lines was dismal. Held up by a hoard of elderly women traversing the old wood planks like pirates banished to a watery grave. This was Sulley’s first trip in public. His first walk tethered to the confines of a leash. At times I had to coax him slipping and sliding on the slick wood of the dock. I must admit this little pup was a crowd pleaser. The crowd couldn’t stop complementing this little pup! He had an innocent yet bold nature to him.

“Stand boldly on the board”Once out on the dock I set out a paddle board so Sulley could acclimate himself on dry ground. Immediately he walked on the board. His oversized paws looked awkward but he was steadfast and read. I launched the boards and together we pushed away from the dock. We didn’t get more than a shallow paddle stroke away from the dock before Sulley casually stumbled to the back of the board, slipping right off into the water!

Glug, glug, glug… “he can swim?!” his little face popped out of the water. Feverishly swimming towards me. I jumped in the water helping to guide him back to the safety o the board. This cycle would repeat a few times over the course of the next hour. But by the end of our session Sulley captained our ship as we cut through the wind and chop with a stance so prominent lieutenant Dan would be proud.

Back on the dock, Sully planted his feet on the old would planks overcome with stimulation he just couldn’t walk anymore. Jenny had to carry him like a baby.

The next stop on our trip would be Running Springs. Our plan was to hike down to The Deep Creek Narrows. Sulley made it fifty feet from the car and would not walk anymore. He might swim to save his life! But he is not a joyful hiker. After our short jaunt, we found a relaxing place and tied off some hammocks!

We swung away drinking a few half warm cans of beer as the sun set. Back down the hill, we stopped in Redlands at Hangar 24 brewery for a few proper suds. The bar was full of dogs and dog owners just love puppies. Sulley was an instant hit but alas we couldn’t stay long for this puppy would be too far gone from our adventure seen through fresh eyes and an old camera.

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