The holidays are a time for families and friends to come together. Some families hunt or fish other play scrabble and sit by the fire…My family?! We Build shit. My first memories as a child where chasing my father up a ladder. Standing one rung behind him feeding him nails “trying to be helpful” My father always obliged me with menial task to keep me busy! As I grew larger, the task grew right along side. I always say I got strong like the opening scene of Conan. Carrying building materials and buckets of water…Buckets grew fuller and the materials grew larger. 25lb. bags of grout became 50lb. of thin set and later became 90lb. bags of mortar. Using principals of progressive overload to increase my strength over time. There is something artist and beautiful about raw building materials. You have seen raw materials pop up in design and architecture in recent years. The “un exposed brick” oh is that Oriented Strand Board (OSB)?! the perfect photo backdrop for a hip restaurant photoshoot. But today we weren’t faking it these materials where assembled raw with the expressed purpose of building a new deck! Top it off with a refreshing Lagunitas Little Sumpin’ Ale as we watch the sun set on a beautiful Joshua Tree evening.

ian-cush-0715 ian-cush-0722 ian-cush-0743 ian-cush-0759 ian-cush-0770 ian-cush-0786 ian-cush-0787 ian-cush-0792 ian-cush-0795 ian-cush-0803 ian-cush-0825 ian-cush-0826 ian-cush-0841 ian-cush-0846 ian-cush-0922 ian-cush-0934 ian-cush-1030 ian-cush-1031 ian-cush-1042 ian-cush-1082

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