CT Fletcher – Testing The Strength Of The Heart

I came across this short biopic the other day. The Strongest Man You’ve Never Heard Of: CT Fletcher. I found it to be a truly compelling and motivating video. The type of story that propells you to push through one more set, to go to the gym when your tired or to over come life’s everyday obstacles.

This video features CT Fletcher the 6-Time World Champion Strong Man son of a abusive preacher who grew up in Compton, CA it was produced by the Strength Project at MetroFlex Gym in Long Beach where CT trains.

This story is a great reminder of what hard work can do for you and how hard work can help pick you up when your at your lowest. CT Fletcher had to pick him self up after having open heart surgery that resulted from his 300lbs + weight and poor nutrition habits (CT had been eating 6 to 7 McDonald’s cheese burgers every day for 20 years) . He was a top level power lifter who was bench pressing 700+lbs  only to drop down to 195lbs and be told that he could never work out again.

CT pushed through this and got him self back into the gym with pure determination and drive to make a comeback. “I’d rather die doing what I love to do, than sitting at home looking at TV”

His drive and vision is represent in his quote “I was doing what I thought I had to do to be the biggest baddest mother fucker on the planet earth, I wanted to stop traffic, I wanted to crack the sidewalk with every step, I wanted to be the king of the jungle, the baddest beast on the planet”

But we must all remember that nutrition is really a vital factor in health. You can look strong and health but processed nitrate laden junk foods are tearing your internal organs apart. This is a lesson to work and train hard…but eat smart.

“Its still yo mutha fu$k!n set!”


Watch at 2:17 in the film watch the lizard go running through the gym! Now that’s a real gym…no fitness club bullshit. But CT is a no bullshit kind of guy…any one who in their quest to be the best is willing to subject themselves to a diet of eating 7 McDonald’s Cheese Burgers a day is a beast. Cant say that diet is paleo but I dont think CT cares what you pencil pushing crossfitter think anyways.

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