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If you are anything like me you are always looking for ways to motivate your workouts. I don’t train at a gym so most of my exercise takes place in solitary confinement. When you in the gym alone you are always looking for little ways to trick your mind and body into giving a little more effort. You create tricks and smoke screens to push your body to go beyond its previous marks. Fitocracy has become one of my little tools I use to improve my workouts. I have never been the organized, regimented “Tim Ferris” type. The type of person who keeps extensive training journals and notes on my workouts. I tend to us a more intuitive free flowing routine that allows for any type of physical chaos to suffice as a well planed routine. Training by instinct often times allows my mind to get out of the way so my body can push past its boundaries. The problem with this philosophy is you often don’t have benchmarks of progress. How much did I bench last workout? am I getting more reps on the dead-lift? With Fitocracy a simple log of your exercise will show you your PR (personal record) for every exercise you log.

In business school my management professors always preached “that which gets measured gets improved”. By using Fitocracy I have removed the head ache of keeping detailed timely journals. Fitorcary compiles my workouts into a simple easy to use tracking system rich with data and workout history. Now I have the metrics necessary to run the business of my personal fitness with ever improving metrics of progress. Fitocracy has built in reward systems, competitions and challenges. If at any time you are losing site of your goals. If you are feeling like you are waning in motivation. Fitorcarcy will be there to motivate you with new routines challenges and routines.

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Now I have never been one to cling to silly internet badges offered up by sites like Foursquare. I think badges as a form of motivation are pretty weak. But the badges in Fitocracy server a different purpose. They are fitness benchmarks. Most of the badges use metric focused on either weight, distance or reps. I must admit the “beast mode” badges have me hooked. As soon as they put that metric on my radar I instantly felt emasculated that I was not benching 1.9x my body weight. Beast Mode is a pretty hefty weight. But when you put that badge on my radar and I don’t think I can feel like a man saying I lift if I don’t have that badge…I guess that is motivation.


Maybe its the primal nature of man. We want to dredge through any thing called a quest…or its just all those years spent playing Zelda on Nintendo. Either way the quests are fun. The nice thing about the “quests” are if you dont have a workout in mind for the day you can just pull up a quest and your workout is set. Its a great way to break out of a plateau or training slump.


Their are many available features and the fitocracy community is active. So if you are looking for people to help push or motivate you they are available. I don’t put much weight into the point tracking system. Some of the “easiest” exercise yield huge points while intense routines come up with low point totals. But hey its a starting point. Also the app is missing many modified exercise that you might do. These are not big issues. The true value of this app is “accountability”. You are tracking your self which keeps you accountable for your progress. For this simple fact I will continue to use Fitocracry and see where I end up.


Now I don’t use the HERO version of the app opting for the free version as I don’t use many of the extra features. But if you are gung-ho you can sign up and become a hero here!


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