Graffiti Waterfall

It was late evening and after a short bike ride to the grocery for a kombucha. Jenny and I wanted to get outside. Sunset was about an hour away so we decided to make haste and look for a fun little hike near the place I am staying in Corona, CA  using the All Trails App I pulled up some hikes in the area. Immediately I saw this place “Graffiti Waterfall” and it was only about a mile in and out. So we headed over there. I was surprised to see this interesting place located just off the 91 Freeway. The water fall is pretty small. The area is filled with a lot of trash (next time I am bringing a trash bag and will pack out the recycling) Normally I am not a fan of “tagging or graffiti” in natural environments. It feels wrong to deface natural elements. There was a intriguing juxtaposition at Graffiti Waterfall. The natural elements mixed with the fall out of our domestic lives. It felt like the perfect place for this expression. A Small waterfall that was encroached upon by suburban sprawl and collected the “urban” markings to prove it. It a fun place! You can climb around the rocks and get some great views! We even spotted a hawk cruising around the area.ian-cush-9022-2 ian-cush-9023 ian-cush-9025 ian-cush-9029-2 ian-cush-9038 ian-cush-9061 ian-cush-9064 ian-cush-9065 ian-cush-9070 ian-cush-9077 ian-cush-9074 ian-cush-9075   ian-cush-9080 ian-cush-9084  ian-cush-9087   ian-cush-9092 ian-cush-9096 ian-cush-9097 ian-cush-9114 ian-cush-9115 ian-cush-9118 ian-cush-9128 ian-cush-9130 ian-cush-9132 ian-cush-9134 ian-cush-9138 ian-cush-9141 ian-cush-9142 ian-cush-9151 ian-cush-9158 ian-cush-9160 ian-cush-9163   ian-cush-9176 ian-cush-9195 ian-cush-9200   ian-cush-9202 ian-cush-9204 ian-cush-9209 ian-cush-9234   ian-cush-9236 ian-cush-9237 ian-cush-9240-2 ian-cush-9245 ian-cush-9252-2

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