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Our daily activities and gym routines really take a toll on our bodies. As we strengthen and build our bodies we also increase the likelihood of developing muscle imbalances. The repetitive nature of many athletic events and recreational exercise (cycling, swimming, running, etc) tend to overdevelop certain muscle groups while deadening or deactivating other muscle groups. Over time imbalances become exaggerated as stronger muscle groups compensate for underdeveloped muscles and alignment issues. There are many exercises and activities that you can do to improve flexibility in short muscles, improve imbalances and correct for alignment issues. Yoga  is increasing becoming very popular with western athletes for restoring body imbalances and it is an activity I have added to my regimen to improve flexibility and improve posture (especially important for my overdeveloped hip flexors) But there is a single exercise that you can perform right in the gym to help build extreme strength and power while restoring body balance.

The simplest and most primal lift of all the DEADLIFT. The deadlift is an exercise that is often neglected in most modern gyms or it is an exercise that many lifters are told to stay away from out of fear of injury. The fear of injury comes from this lifts ability to quickly expose all of your muscles imbalances and force you to compensate for often week glutes and spinal erectors putting the body into a injury prone position. However with proper form and a high level of self awareness while performing the standard deadlift it can be an amazing lift that improves strength power and flexibility.

Because of the biomachanic nature of the deadlift you can quickly assess weak spots in your body and adjust your lift to bring thoes spots up to speed. The deadlift when done correctly is particularly good at reactivating the powerful glute muscles that often dont fire properly on lifters. Many lifters have a hard time engaging the glutes during squats and other leg lifts due to imbalances…the deadlift will really help you get those glutes back into action from years of sitting at your desk and on your couch. So get out there and dead lift! But first you must learn the proper form and what body alignment ques to look out for when training.

I have looked all over the internet for a great deadlift tutorial and I think Elliott Hulse really nailed it. In the following Elliott teaches you the mechanical and physiological science behind deadlifting properly. How to deadlift is a 4 part series for coaches, trainer and weight lifters who want to increase their strength and deadlifting ability,

How To Dead Lift 4 Part Series

1/4 Deadlift

2/4 Deadlift

3/4 Deadlift

4/4 Performing the Deadlift

Advanced (Supplemental Videos)

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Elliott Hulse Dead Lifts 650 lbs x 2 (great example of pushing the floor away

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How To Deadlift: Proper Exercise Form Videos

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