Ian Cush The Body Issue

Take no issue. This post is not a humble brag or a far cry for attention. Yes, we all want to be loved and feel worthy of attention. We should all strive to feel more comfortable and confident in our bodies, in our own skin. It’s the only body you will ever have so make good use of it. This fleshy meat wagon you drive around won’t last forever and it needs constant attention care and maintenance to ensure a long healthy journey in this skin. I have always had a mixed relationship with my journey in health and fitness. Since I was young I have been fascinated by the body. I prized strength and athletic prowess. Since a young age, I have loved training, hard work and anything and everything physical. We live in a physical reality and the physical culture of expressing the body is a pure experience that is personal to us all but a journey everyone should enjoy making.

Sharing. rarely have I shared any photos of my body or dedication to health along with my journey. I am not a fanatic. The posts are not an accomplishment. These photos are not of me at my best, my leanest or most muscular. You can see I am soft, the body fat is higher than that of a braggadocios man would tout. These photos were taken in the evening after dinner and a few beers. They were a light test for a photo shoot I was doing for my friend Anthony Gomez.

I am sharing these photos as a proclamation of self. I have always felt like I wasn’t worthy to share my body or my journey in fitness. I see friends and people on the internet sharing their amazing weight loss journeys. I see people sharing pics of their newly acquired gym muscles! But I have not had this apex. I have not had any pinnacles or moments worthy of acknowledgment. I always felt that this lack of “transformation” didn’t give me any right to share my journey. I have never lost any weight, I didn’t recently get back in shape or in better shape. I have been walking around in this body as it stands for over 18 years. Now at 34 years old I have been this size weight and build since I was 16. I’ve had some ups, downs, injuries and more. But along the way, I have never strayed from this.

Exercise is my identity. With the current trend of fitness culture promoting “longevity,” I have been recently struck by the idea that my consistency is largely attributed to my relationship with exercise. Breaking a sweat, feeling my body move is just a part of my day. I rarely “train” I don’t have an active gym membership and for the most part of the last 10 years, I have gone years without spending time in the gym. Don’t get me wrong. I love to lift weights. I love the clang and the bang, the hoisting of heavy things is addicting! But the point is there are so many ways to work the body. Walking, hiking, climbing & running are natural patterns of the body. Yoga and other movement practices work the entire body through all of its motions and mimic the natural patterns of the body. There are no right or wrong ways to train the body the only objective should be to use your body to its full expression and enjoy the journey.

Consistency. We are what we repeatedly do. If you make health and exercise a part of your physical being than you will be healthy and fit. It’s not a momentary blip of weight loss or muscle gain that excites the Instagram. If you just take the slow road and enjoy the process no matter what happens you will continue on with a fit and healthy physique and body.




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