Minimalist BodyBuilder – Jacques Sayagh

Every so often a unique character brings us an inspirational perspective on our daily lives. Flawed and skewed in traditional life balance. With a unique disposition that brings question to our motivations.

Jacques Sayagh the Homeless Bodybuilder has done just that. By turning the streets of Paris into his personal gym. He has given us all a little less to complain about when it comes to achieving our fitness goals. With little more than a make shift pull up apparatus, some bands, a chest crush and some good old fashion calisthenics Jacques has built his physique.

In his quest to avoid an amorphous life devoid of shape and form. The 50-year-old Sayagh has taken a minimalist approach towards his goals. Saying “Bodybuilders are futurists, they dare everything. It’s a world that I like.” his foundations of fitness are based in dedication and hard work.

We are consumerist. The path to our goals are often cluttered with personal possessions and gadgets. We believe more inputs yield a greater output. Our journey for improved fitness often starts with a new pair of Nike shoes, a fancy gym membership and the latest supplement trend. We place a premium on the visible aspects of fitness with little regard to the internal. Sayagh hones his fitness with little more than determination. A clear mind, his dog, a blanket of disheveled supplements and a shirt that reads “I don’t hope for anything, I don’t believe in anything, I am free” written in greek provide his philosophical foundation.

The reminder is always to clear our path. To remove our personal obstacles. The possessions and insecurities that cloud us. We must focus on our goals and use hard-work as the determinant of our success.

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