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Hemingway makes your writing bold and clear. Is your writing Bold & Clear? It is easy to get caught in the verbose ostentatious self gratifying mumbo jumbo style of writing. The style of writing that aims to sound professional and creative while maintaining little to no meaning. We come across this type of writing every day. In the business world we have become all to accustomed to padding our writing with unguided ramblings that aim to provided a self stroking toss of verbal judo rather than a clear message. I am guilt of this my self. Far to often I use ten words when two will do. (the above sentence as a perfect example)

In copywriting the goal is to communicate a clear and concise advertising message. We want our attention struck readers to get the message. Our goal has always been to persuade readers and to motivate. Yet we pack our messages with fluff. Added writing that distracts rather than adds to the message.

Branded “Hemingway” this app makes great use of the iconic writes penchant for bold and economic writing. Simple paste your text into the app and in an instant you “Hemingway” critiques your writing. The app gives you a readability score and some editors notes. The great thing is, this app just highlights areas where your writing might be jumbled up. It is at your discretion to correct these areas as you see fit. This is a nice feature as it allows you to maintaining your “voice” in your writing while avoiding common writing mistakes.

All our writing can use a little help here and there. The Hemingway app is a great little reminder that you might want to “omit” that word. Remove those “adverbs” or avoid a “passive voice”. It is like being in college all over again minus the red ink and sloppy professor handwriting.


“One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple.”

― Jack KerouacThe Dharma Bums

In the Fast Company article I read they ran some of Hemingway’s actual prose through the Hemingway app. By example many popular texts where higher on the readability than recommended.  With out discrediting the app they did take some creative license. The App is a guide not an absolute. For some fun I ran the great Woody Allen dialogue written in the voice of Hemingway for the movie “midnight in Paris” through the app. According to the Hemingway app Woody Allen might be a better “Hemingway” than the namesake author himself.

See how it rates below.


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