Mike Rashid – 200 Rep Bench Press Workout

Inspired by this video I decide to give it a try today for my chest workout. After a few sets of push-ups to warm up and a four low rep sets of 205lbs on the bench press to warm up I was ready to give this a shot. I let my training partner go first he is still working on growing his bench press so we started him out with (two 10lb plate followed by six 5lb plates) He went through the reps as we pealed a plate after every 10 reps…he was able to get to 101 reps before calling no joy and throwing in the towel. I am not going to lie after watching him wince with pain as the latic acid took over his body I decided to scalle the weight back a bit opting for (six 10lb. plates on each side for a total starting weight of 165lbs.) this is significantly below my 1RM max which is around 245lbs. but I figured with the volume I would not be able to work back up to a weight much higher than this.

I started out my set with an overly enthusiastic pump blasting out 15 reps on my first set than pealing back one plate to 145lbs. getting another 10 reps. after this my body was PUMPED but I continued to push working my arms set by set peeling until at one point trying to squeeze on more rep my arms feel leaving the weight on my chest…I work up the courage to get it back up and press on. Keeping litteral zero rest inbetween sets like Mike did in the video my triceps, shoulders and pec muscles where frying!!! This was seriously a vein busting pump…

I was not able to work back up to 6 plates stopping at 5 than deciding to drop back down on the subsequent sets finishing with 150 total reps….I felt a little disheartened not getting to 200 reps but this work out is not for the faint of heart and it will really test your will to push. I will most definitely try this ladder drop set approach again in the future but this time I will keep my reps at 10 for each set rather than just pushing to failure set by set causing an early fatigue in the muscles that is tough to overcome.

Go ahead and give it a try!!! Here is the full uncut video of Mike Rashid doing all 200 reps.

Mike Rashid 200 reps uncut

Mike Rashid on Squats


Training Montage

Training Teaser

  1. I saw the 200 rep bench press video and like you I got instantly pumped to try it myself. The only thing is Mike starts with 240lbs and if you don’t have a 1 rep max close to 400lbs then you cannot do the same workout as him. So what I did was take 100lbs in 10lb plate and loaded up the bar with 5 plates each. Then i did just as Mike, only instead of 10 reps I started at just 5. I went through all of the sets pretty well, going down then back up again, and then on my final set I just repped out. NOW, after toying with this and other methods of the like for a few weeks, I have figured out a system for most others to use that DON’T have a 400lbs max bench press…you know, normal people, lol…

    …Take 70% of your 1 rep max (a weight you can do for 11-12 reps before failure) then load up the bar and do sets of 5 reps while resting only enough to take off/add on plates. Simply run through the sets, doing max reps until failure on your last set. If you get at least 5 reps on your last set then add weight OR reps at the next workout. Doing it with this system will allow your body to adapt and eventually attain the strength to do what Mike did. I personally like using a 5 rep limit as it allows me to use more weight than doing 10 rep sets. WHY? Because you still get that insane pump from the sheer number of reps, you build strength with your heavier sets while perfecting form and dynamic strength on the lower weight sets.

    I’ve used this method on Squats and Deadlifts and Barbell Curls and Military Presses as well, though with the curls and presses I changed the 10lbs plates for 5lbs plates, obviously. What i REALLY like about my method is that for bench presses you can really work your complete chest. On the heavier sets use a closer, elbows-in powerlifting style grip, moving your hands and elbows out and lowering the bar higher on your chest with each lower-weight set. With this you get the benefits of both powerlifting and bodybuilding, and you can power those heavy sets up then go bodybuilder style lowering the bar to your neck with the lower weights. Simple: every time you lower the weight, move your hands out one finger width wider on the bar and lower the bar an inch higher on your chest, eventually doing a Gironda neck press on your lightest set and working that hard to get at upper chest, then just reverse that while going back up in weight.

    It’s easy to just use 10lbs plates, but remember that each set SHOULD be +/- 10% of your 1 rep max. So if your bench press 1RM is 200lbs then you would strip off/add 20lbs each set, 300lbs 1RM = 30lbs each set, and so on. 250lbs 1rm? that’s easy: 25lbs each set. Just find your 1 rep max and multiply it by .10 and THAT’S the weight you strip off/add per set.

    This style works GREAT for adding strength, mass, and is great for increasing your conditioning (try this for squats or deadlifts and tell me your heart rate isn’t busting ass!!).

    1. Joe,

      You are the man…way to put some science in and test this out. I am going to try that next time…Instead of just going H.A.M and loading up a bar ready to go full blast!

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