On Mind Your Business, join Ian Cush as he brings you an on-going dialogue with business leaders, artists and the creative class of the Coachella Valley to dive deeper into their best practices, habits, and advice for College of the Desert students. 


Episode 01 | Steven Biller from the California Desert Arts Council
On this Episode, Ian is joined by one of the founders of the California Desert Arts Council.  Steven Biller is a writer, editor, speaker, and advocate for the arts. He was editor-at-large of Palm Springs Life magazine and recently helped launch the California Desert Arts Council which is a nonprofit that grows and sustains the arts in the desert. He has great insight into marketing, writing and working with the creative class.

Episode 02 | Artist Phillip K Smith III
On this Episode, Ian was joined by artist Phillip K Smith III who has gained international media attention for his large-scale structures and installations including at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival and the current Desert X exhibit. He talks about his journey, opportunities and challenges, habits, successes and advice.

Episode 03 | Diana Grasso, General Manager of Westfield Palm Desert

On this Episode, Ian is joined by Diana Grasso, the General Manager of Westfield Palm Desert. She has run the Westfield Palm Desert for 2 1/2 years and has an MBA from Pepperdine and has a great breadth and depth of management insight. She has integrated arts into the mall as part of a process of expanding the concept of a mall as an event space.


Episode 04 | BB Ingle, Promoter, Business Owner & Philanthropist

On this Episode of Mind Your Business, we talk with legendary promoter BB Ingle who talks about his history promoting some of the biggest parties and events the Coachella Valley has ever seen, including the new Comic-Con Palm Springs. He also pursues many business and philanthropic endeavors, supporting the Coachella Valley for over three decades. In this intimate dialogue you will get a closer look at the life and times of this Coachella Valley leader and get insight on how he has managed to stay relevant for over three decades in an industry that’s always evolving, how social media has changed promotion, and a look at what’s next for BB Ingle.


Episode 05 | Jaime Jimenez from 111 Conditioning Club

On this Episode, Ian is joined by Jaime Jimenez who is a personal trainer and founder of the 111 Conditioning Club. Jaime is passionate about helping his clients aspire to and meet their fitness goals with a great sensitivity to the lifestyle changes and impacts of exercise. He opened the 111 Conditioning Club in an old art gallery and hand built and welded much of the equipment that is in the gym. Jamie gives us insight into following your passion and working with clients.

Episode 05 | Creative Forces: ‘THE MARKETING MINDS’

CMO & Co-Founder of Priority Bicycles, Connor Swegle, and Ian Cush, Marketing Director at The Coachella Valley Art Scene come together for an amazing dialogue about creativity, from balancing commerce & creativity, to creative development and inspiration, newness, the apprenticeship/mentorship mentality and creative environments, to advice for rising creatives.