Powering Your Life One Pedal At a Time

Your riding your bike…your pumping, your sweating, your internal power plant is churning out energy by the Calorie as your drive your self forward in motion to your destination. Now a bike is an extremely efficient and effective means of transportation for many city dwellers, but what if you could use that energy you generate to power more than your daily commute?! In with the Atom!

Ok that sounded like a sales pitch…my old copywriter habits rising up to the surface. But seriously the Atom from Siva Cycle is the perfect addition to any urban cyclists or bike road warriors arsenal. With The Atom a simple lightweight bicycle generator that attaches easily to your bike you convert your pedal power into high quality USB compatible 5v energy. The Atom generator charges a portable power pack that you can detach and take with you to charge any USB connection (iPhones, and iPods, Galaxy phones, GPS trackers, etc.)

When you are driving around in your car on the go you have your phones car charge keeping your smartphone full of juice! but when you are riding around on your bike you are constantly forced to find an outlet to power up your devices so you can continue to use your smart phone for GPS tacking with apps like Strava.

I am sure there is going to be many devices like this come to market but check out the Atom…They where kickstarter funded and their company video has some cool bike shots that where most definitely taken in the Coachella Valley. For $99 the Atom will be the next way for you to increase your personal energy efficiency and your companion on your next long ride!

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