Rich Piana – Add An Inch To Your Arms

Do you want some super mutant freak arms? Or maybe an extra inch would do. Try this insane 8 hour test of the human will and see if you can add an inch or two to your arms today. WHATEVER IT TAKES! 8HRS of ARMS, 16 Protein Shakes. While it is insane to think you can add an inch to your arms this workout does demonstrate some good was to shock they body into some growth. This reminded me a little of a work out I saw in a muscle magazine over 15 years ago when I was just a boy looking for a way to pump up my biceps. I remember the workout being an extremely high # of reps with a lot of volume designed to really circulate blood through the muscle fascia followed by an intense 12 to 14 hour sleep prescription.

I have seen bodybuilders starting to return to super high rep sets and more volume in their workouts. This training style is a little old school but it really works especially to break up your routine and spur some growth. In Rich Piana’s protocol he hits the arms hard than takes a shake every half hour for 8 hours. The shakes are designed to keep muscle glycogen levels up while going through his marathon arm workout.  Do not be concerned with these shakes being full of protein or nutrients…your really just looking for sugar to restore glycogen. You are not going to go “catabolic” the body has a 48hr feeding window to really take advantage of protein synthesis. I normally workout in a “fasted” state when muscle glycogen is low to take advantage of fat burning, but for a workout like this I will eat a big meal prior to the workout.  So as stated make sure your post workout meal is full of your macro-nutrients and keep your protein intake high for the next 48 hrs to maximize muscle growth. I would also add in the extend sleep prescription aiming for 10hrs post workout.

Rich Piana Tricep

Workout Prescription:

Workout Prep:

Take two days off from training before the workout to let your body recoup.

Morning Of the Workout:

Have a huge breakfast two hours before your workout. Prepair 16 shakes consisting of protein, simple sugars and carbs


Every half hour you lift than follow the workout with a shake. That is two workouts and two shakes every hour for 8 hours. Alternate Between workout 1 and workout 2.

Workout 1:

4 sets 10 reps – skull crusher

4 sets 10 reps – barbell curl

Workout 2:

4 sets 15 reps – single arm dumbbell extension

4 sets 15 reps – dumbbell hammer curl

Post Workout:

eat a large meal and take two days off from training.

Rich Piana Biceps

I am going to give this workout a try this week and report back with my results.


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