SquareUp – Square For Personal Trainers feat. Anthony Gomez.

As I was watching some videos on YouTube the other day I was hit with an advertisement for the Square Reader. I was immediately struck by the fact that this ad was featuring a close personal friend of mine model Anthony Gomez (if you want more Anthony). I knew he had shot a spot for Square but had not seen the ad yet… It was funny to see him in the ad which used a voice over that was nit his. I am always very conscious of how professional voice overs match characters or settings in advertisements…knowing Anthony personally I would say they missed on this one.

This ad was a good reminder to me of how real and functional mobile credit card readers have become. The public is quickly becoming more comfortable with this technology and with increased ad presence consumers will continually be more accepting and comfortable with paying in this manner.

As a small business owner or freelancer adding a mobile credit card reader like the Square to your business tools can be a great way to increase the size of your tickets sales, collect payments faster and present your business as a future looking organization.

The SquareUp is a smart business tool that takes the hassle out of merchant services. If you do low volume credit card transactions and find standard merchant fees to be too high consider adding Square to your business arsenal.

As with most great small business tools the Square comes with no start up cost. You only pay when you generate revenue. This is a great way to increase your top line sales while not adding fixed cost to your bottom line.

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