Stagparty w/ Jimbo

A bachelor party, also known as a stag party, stagnight, stag do, stag weekend (in the United Kingdom, Commonwealth countries, and Ireland), or a buck’s night (in Australia) is a party held by a man shortly before he enters marriage, to celebrate his “last night of freedom”. A typical right of passage in a mans journey through life is throwing a party to commensurate closing a chapter in life and opening the book on a new life.  It’s always a special honor to be invited to help your friend transition through this night.

The phone call came late. It was Jon. An old friend of mine from my college days in Fullerton. Jon and I worked at Home Depot together. It’s been a long time since the orange aprons but we have remained friends in the decade past.  Jimmy  is engaged to be married. John is Jimmy’s best man. So a party for Jimmy we must produce. Jon’s call was fast and direct “get up meet me at my house we are throwing a bachelor party for Jimmy” I set down the phone and like batman getting the call from  James Gordon I hit the road.

The shot is up and its?! Good?! At this point who cares. How did we find ourselves midday on a basketball court after a night of drinking? We spent the evening prior drinking at some watering hole in North Corona. Somewhere outside the city lights of Los Angeles and Orange County sits a dark sky’s city with a bar so country there are horses tied up out front and hay on the tavern floors.  It’s was a true California honkey tonk. Where is the pool table?! Ok let’s get this party started.

Fast-forward to the next morning. Bodies strung out all over the floor. Why stop here?! who’s hungry?! Tie to break this fast. “Jimmy is craving pizza port” Up and Adam? At Em’ Pill in the Avalanche and lets hit the road of to San Diego we go.

A few pitchers of microbrewed suds and two large pizzas at the Ocean Beach Pizza Port and we are all back in the game…”game” now this is how we ended up here on this basketball court. What a better way to beat a hangover than with some day drinking and basketball.

The rest of this day will remain a mysterious secret held by our brotherly bonds and sworn to secrecy. A quick drive to the Gas Lamp District. Check into our hotel! And well. Congratulations on your marriage Jimmy/

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