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The Potter’s Wheel

I had the pleasure of spending the day in the high desert town of Joshua Tree, CA watching and working with my father. Artist and creator Larry Cush. Over three decades ago as a young man, young than I stand today, my father had his own production ceramic studio in Ocean City Washington. Churning out a rigorous schedule of ceramic cups, bowl, & plates for local retailers, craft fairs and stores like the pottery barn. As a child, we always had clay lying around. My sister and I would mess around on the wheel with no direction or purpose. My father, long abandoned his pottery pursuit as he turned his artist endeavors to fresher mediums. Now some 35 years removed from his work as a potter my father and I stand in front of his classic Japanese Shimpo Ceramics Potters Wheel. Worn with years of work, rust and clay. The old machine stands like a proud warrior from an era past.