Ted Ligety – U.S Olympic Gold Metal Leg Workout

I was watching the The Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics the other night and saw this brief exercise profile on U.S. two-time Olympic gold medalist Skier Ted Ligety. THe feature goes through a basic base routine of a leg workout that is the staple of Ligety’s off season weight-room workouts. I figured since Ligety dominated and was able to easily win a medal in an event that is 100 percent driven by legs than the simplicity of this routine could transfer to your workout.

It is a simple 5 minute core-workout:

  1. Barbell Back Squat 10 reps (90%)
  2. Leg Press 1-minute
  3. Quadmill 1-minute per leg
  4. Leg Extensions 30-reps
  5. Eccentric Leg Press Machine (to failure)

Now many of us do not have access to a “quadmill” or an “Eccentric Leg Press” you can easily sub out those exercise for alternative varieties and keep the essence of the workout. I would suggest doing “alternating lunges” and “wall sits” but really have fun with it. When it comes to building a strong functional athletic body these short but intense routines should make up your foundation of strength.

Hope you liked the Gold Metal play on words since he is pumping iron!

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