We Are Only Limited By Our Passion

We often feel so many limitations in life. We only see walls and barriers with no doors, windows or alleyways in sight. Our minds narrow our vision retracts and we settle into a bleak regressive viewpoint as our dreams fade to black. In the tangibility of reality these walls are firm and made of cement. The walls require great strength and brute to remove to alter and destroy…but in the creases of our mind walls move in a blink, windows can be painted and outlets shaped like permeable clay. Much like the walls in our mind the walls in our reality often only appear to be tangible limitations because our mind want them to be real. But when we follow our passions our minds look into the dark often ignored hallows and pull from with in ourselves ingenuity and creative solutions to make the tangible intangible…to permeate our mind and slide through reality allowing us to achieve our visions..to manifest our passions our mind will do anything.

Passion knows no bounds…it knows no limits. When we look on in envy of creativity what we really envy is the presence of passion, for great passion has the ability to allow us to achieve our dreams, our visions and manifest our true reality as something bright. That passion allows us to look past the obstacles and with out fear find a way by any means necessary to actualize that vision.

When I saw this amazing video about a small slum Just outside Asuncion, Paraguay know as Cateura the city’s trash dump. I see these children living in the heaps of trash that is a wasteland forgotten and overlooked by all. Living in a world that should be bleak and dismal. But from under neath these heaps of trash this small village has mind pure gold in the form of music. Beautiful, thoughtful and compelling classical music that vibrates through the trash. Music that is soulful and pure as the children playing it.

This children have taken their passion and with great creativity turned they trash into musical instruments. This should server as proof that no dream is out of sight. “Where there’s a Will there’s a Way”. You might be holding trash in your hands but if you can make it sing and cry than you are a musician playing a beautiful instrument called the human soul.

the Landfill Harmonic Orchestra

We Are Only Limited By Our Passion


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